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Game for future CEO's. Game for Intellects. Game for bored Dhakalites. Game for Patriots. Game for fun and knowledge. Proud to be Made in Bangladesh. Yesssss, we can!!! Test the taste mode **Free** membership. Join us, just click here.Buying ? Click on the Trade. Selling ? Click on the Trade. Wanna check ranking? Click on the Ranking. Wanna check Portfolio? Click on the Trade. Wanna check your sell/buy status? Click on the Trade/Order/Order Status. We are on the National NEWS Papers, click on the News. NOTICE THAT THIS IS TEST RUN. AND UNDER RE-CONSTRUCTION. WILL BE "LIVE" SOON.


An stock market simulation , primarily designed for Dhaka Stock Exchange platform. In near future we will extend to global market.

Our Mission

Make every one involved in the world investment game and gradually prepare them to move toward real world investments globally.

Students studying stocks/commerce make them well versed in the respective area through practically being invlovled in the market.

Those investors are going to take the leap into the stock market will find this site educating.

Provide some thing to do for bored intelligent people in the internet and sharpen their skill(s).

Your Mission

Become virtually rich. Kindly look at news.

How to become virtually rich?

  • Become a member of this site and get BDT100000.00 virtually .
  • Use the BDT100000.00 to buy/sell stocks when you see fit.
  • At the end of the day or month or year check your ranking with others.
  • The prices and counters are real.
  • All money and buy/sell are virtual, not real.

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Subedar Technologies





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Subedar Technologies. Subedar Baag. Bibir Baghicha #1. North Jatrabari. Dhaka 1204. Bangladesh

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General Information: info@DhakaStockExchangeGame.com
Business Information: business@DhakaStockExchangeGame.com
Membership: membership@DhakaStockExchangeGame.com
Member Support:  support@DhakaStockExchangeGame.com

Send mail to webmaster@DhakaStockExchangeGame.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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